Anti-wrinkle Injection


Ageing is natural, a significant amount of us do not want to age. You can’t stop this, but you can reverse the effects that ageing brings. While your mind, abilities and experiences that give you the edge remian, the looks you cherish can return.


I use anti-wrinkle injections – these remove the signs of ageing across key parts of your face, in some cases removing years off your look. In other cases complimenting other features of your overall look. Either way, my training, experience and passion for helping you look younger will relax the lines, give you the look you desire and leave you stunning your friends and family, loved ones and those who do not even know you yet…where will your next steps lead you?


Anti-wrinkle injections work by a series of short injections in key areas of your face. If you require basic attention, usually in the forehead, around your eyes and in the centre point of your eyebrows, then this requires a low level of attention and can be done in good time. I can also perform advanced injections, affecting more of the lower face, around your mouth, neck, nose and chin. This treatment is extra effective when mixed with dermal fillers.


The key areas for basic injections are:

  • Crow’s feet
  • Forehead
  • Frown area

Crows feet are the areas on the side of the eyes and are visible when you smile or laugh. We can treat this by our anti-wrinkle injections.

Frown and forehead lines develop due to repeat contractions of muscles by raising the eyebrows and frowning. The ageing process makes these lines more pronounced with time. By using anti-wrinkle injections we can relax these muscles and subsequently even out the lines, giving you a younger look.