New Weight Loss Injection

The skinny jab

The Skinny jab contains a fast and effective way to shred pounds! Music to every size 0 wannabe…it carries an active ingredient called liraglutide, and works by making you feel full and satisfied, thereby curbing food cravings.


Cleared and approved by the UK as a safe “weight loss treatment” we are offering the Skinny Jab to you from our clinic, administered by our local nurse. A quick and simple injection and off you go!


You’ll start to feel full after eating once you’ve had the jab,  it decreases your hunger and need to eat. This action will assist you in weight loss, particularly in conjunction with exercise and a healthy diet. Results have been spectacular in short periods of time. Injections last roughly a week. You’ll eat an estimated 30% less of your usual portion size.

FDA approved.

Self administrated