Cheek contouring, jaw line shaping, non-surgical rhinoplasty, chin contouring


The fillers are used in areas of the face such as the chin, cheeks, jaw and nose and are aiming to restore and reshape your youthful appearance and give you a more defined look. The non-surgical rhinoplasty is a quick procedure to help straighten the nose without the downtime of invasive surgery.


Jawline Contouring, also called Jawline enhancement, isn’t just popular with the ladies, the men love it even more too. This treatment gives men a more chiseled and sharp jawline.


Dermal Filler is added along the jawline to create a more defined and contoured look.


This treatment is ideal for those that have Jowl Necks. Many of our clients also tend to have the Chin Contouring/Augmentation treatment alongside this one. These two treatments tend to complement each other, giving a more polished and fully finished contoured look.